Why you should travel by Campervan at least once in your life!

The Campervan Experience - a Kiwi Classic

We had been talking a lot about doing the classic Campervan trip around New Zealand.  Finally this last 2021 summer, and partly due to the Covid-19 and lockdown situation in the country, we decided it was about time!

We discussed with our friends who were joining us with their kids, which route to follow. Would it be north or south? The North Island or the South Island? Since we all agreed that what we wanted most was to spend our time on the beach, on the ocean, and, lets just say it, with the warmest weather, we decided upon the top of the North Island.


  Spirits Bay - one of the places we all liked the most, near "the Cape".

It wasn't a new destination for us, but thats the good thing about the campervan, that you can get to places that are far into the wild, off the classic tracks, and so explore a place you know and still discover something new. 

The Top of the North Island #northland.

Our Northland road trip from last summer took us from Auckland to Matay Bay, then towards Cape Reinga - before spotting one of the most amazing beaches in the world! ⁠

And let me tell you, this Campervan experience was the first one we ever had, and I totally recommend it. So let me tell you why I think you should take a Campervan for a Road Trip - at least once ...⁠

 - Campervan: A "moving home" that is always overlooking the ocean! 

Here are the ➡️⁠  Good things that I found out:⁠

  • Campervans give you freedom to explore wild off the beaten track places.⁠

  • With a Campervan you can squeeze in a lot of destinations during the ⁠same day!⁠

  • The Campervan allows you to be totally spontaneous ! You can decide where and when just the last minute! ⁠

  • For all these reasons before, it feels like a total adventure, because not having a plan once in a while gives you a total sense of freedom, dont you think?⁠

  • The Campervan experience works for everyone... either with kids, just adults, with your girl-friends, its just an experience for all. ⁠


🤪  Of course there are some not - so - good things... involving the words toilette and shower, but you know what ... who cares?! 😅😂⁠










 A little break for lunch.  Here we stopped near Ninety-Mile Beach; this is the fabled strip of sand that stretches from Ahipara to Scott Point, five kilometres south of Cape Maria van Diemen.


What do you think of Campervans?!! Y/ N ?? 👍🏻 👎🏻⁠

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