An Urban look that rocks: Jeans & Swimsuits.

Here is a great idea for an urban look with swimsuits that I love! 

I combined my pair of white skinny jeans with my favourite One Piece Swimsuit: our Lace up Guinea that combines a gold and black pattern. I added my grandma beige vintage cardigan to keep me warm. To end this look leopard simple sandals. 

swimwear urban look

I find this look really cute and comfortable! And maybe because of the fact that I am wearing swimwear it reminds me that summer is around here! Also if you feel like you have many swimmers in your wardrobe and that you don't have many occasions to wear them, this will give you a reason to have them handy, even in winter.  

What I really love about it.

Although this is quite a trendy look, what makes me like this urban look in particular is the fact that we can play a little bit with the wardrobe and be more creative. Some cool ideas can change an outfit a 100% and renovate your wardrobe at the same time! 


urban look with swimwear

Be a conscious buyer 

Consider this when buying swimwear: investing in good quality pieces that will last because you can give them this versatile use! And be a conscious buyer too, don't buy just for the 2 months of summer, try to buy forever! 

urabn look with swimwear


What do you think of the urban look with swimsuit? Have you tried it? What is your suggestion for an urban look lIke this?



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  • Loved it!


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