Top 4 experiences for a family trip to Rotorua

Adrenaline, adventure, fun; these are all words that come to my mind when we plan a family holiday! Even when it’s just a short 1-2 day escape, a bit of exploration is our way to create memories for a lifetime.

This time we packed our bags and drove with our boat towards the Centre of the North Island, New Zealand.

It’s amazing that just 3 hours and a half from home, we can find so many things to enjoy with the kids! We spend almost a week packed with lakes, hot water springs, trekking, bike trails, falls and cart races – I’m talking about the luges here!

Here below I share with you our Top 4 experiences for a family trip to Rotorua.

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  1. Lake Tarawera trekking, Tarawera Falls and hot waters

Its always fun to explore the forest and feel like you can get a little lost in the middle of nowhere! We make sure to follow the signs anyway, and we suggest our kids that we keep the trail so we can be sure to reach Tarawera Falls. I read these falls are one of the best waterfalls and short walks in New Zealand. Yes, they are very impressive and beautiful. And add on: how quite this place is; when we arrived we were alone, so we had the place to ourselves!



There are two ways of exploring Tarawera; you can either do the trekking or arrive by boat (or water taxi) from the other side of the lake. This last option was the one we chose. This place has everything we needed to enjoy a family day; Swimming, walking, picnic time and just relaxing soaking up the sun! 


  1. Kerosene creek hot waters

This natural hot-springs area with a waterfall, surrounded by dense forest & primitive trails are worth a visit on a trip to Rotorua. We travel 35 minutes south of Rotorua to get to this geothermal heated stream where we enjoy bathing and relax.

The water is hot, about 30 degrees or more; so this is 100% natural. What happens is that hot water from a natural spring under the earth bubbles up into the cool waters of the creek, creating amusingly warm waters. There is a fun 2m waterfalls where we had fun letting the water crash on us!

What is impressive about this place is the setting. Its set amongst lush native bush, and the natural bathing experience is something absolutely different.

Watch videos and get more info here


  1. Family bike trail in the woods!

Welcome to the Redwoods! There are plenty of fun things to do with the kids here. Short and long walks, plus the fun tree walks. In this opportunity we brought our bikes. We learned that this is the oldest mountain bike network in New Zealand! Master crafted trails, unbeatable riding surfaces, well draining volcanic soils, varying topography and fantastic scenery.


There are plenty of trails, so we grabbed a map and started the adventure. More details in here


  1. On board the Skyline and luge cart

Rotorua is a unique geothermal place, almost unbelievable. Bubbling hot mud, pools, geysers, hot spring... and the celebration of Maori culture - all just a short trip from home.

This fun experience is great for everyone! Apparently the luging adventure in New Zealand began right here in Rotorua, in 1985. There are three tracks of differing skill levels set in a stunning forest. We chose the easy one because our kids are just 8 and 11! But for some reason I was always last to arrive…!

In order to get there we hop on the Skyline Gondola to the top; here we select from one of three exciting Luge trails and take off downhill on our carts through twists and turns to a backdrop of dramatic scenery and down through our Redwood forest. Once at the bottom, we ride up the Luge chairlift back to the top of the track.

After a couple of rides, mom – me – has had enough, so I went for a coffee while dad and kids kept going and going! I just sat there with my coffee enjoying the amazing views, watching the world go by, relaxing and being grateful for this present time; we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country.

If you want to check this experience, visit the Skyline website  



There are more things to do in wonder Rotorua! I chose to describe our chosen four ones! Which ones are your favorites? 

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