Long Sleeve swimsuits to consider this summer

4 Long-Sleeve Swimsuits styles that you should consider taking over this summer 2022


Summer is not so far away, and sure soon you will be starting to look in your wardrobe for your old swimsuits! Some of you like to get something new every summer – that´s me! I usually get 2 or 3 new swimsuits every time summer is around.


I am sure that most of you do not think of long-sleeve swimsuits as an option, but let me say that these suits are perfect for many occasions. They are not just for water sports – although inspired in Surf traditionally.

These days, a long-sleeve swimsuit is on the rise for sure. And, also, the good thing is that there are a lot of styles that you can experiment around, far away from the classic practical water sport use.

I covered in a past blog post the reasons why I totally recommend to get at least one long sleeve swimsuit this summer. You can read about that here in this blog post – there is more to just the argument of just not wanting to show so much skin! These long sleeve swimsuits are actually super cool and sexy.


So check out my 4 favorite long-sleeve swimsuits - available online to purchase.



The Long-sleeve Surf Swimsuit



The classic, yet pretty colors, the brief bottoms, the plunging neckline, and the body-shaping with the comfortable zip.


The Canoe Body long sleeve with open back 

Our elegant Canoe Body One Piece suit with its finer details, crafts a stylish silhouette that is amazingly comfortable for the waves. The flattering fabric seams mold to your body, with the open cute and sexy back. This sun protective long sleeve surf suit is perfect for water sports!


The Menina Style long – Sleeve suit


Our Menina Style is perfect if you love prints!  And just wait until you see it paired like a girl-mom style (not yet available but soon) ! 


The Menina Open Style long Sleeve suit

Are you a print lover, and someone who likes to show a little more skin? Then the Menina open style is for you! Plus these suits are hand made with biodegradable fabrics; So not only you look awesome, and feel comfortable but you are protecting the environment! Go girl!!





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Remember our swimsuits are all made in Brazil with the highest quality. And, you have 30 day free return if you do not want to keep your item (which usually does not happen!!).

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