Are you a pear shaped girl?

First of all, how to identify this body shape?

So mostly your lower half (bum and thighs) are evidently bigger than your upper-body.


"Being a pear shaped girl means I need to draw attention to my bust, not the hips & hands down this collar piece is just the perfect creation! It draws focus to the upper body, accentuates the collar bones & shoulders." Says Manali our featured girl! 


"I admire the overall design, the unique keyhole cut at the front, it appears on the perfect spot while the band below covers the wobbly bits of lower abdomen + love handles." Check more of Manali on IG here: @the_urban_kutchi

So, are you a pear-shaped body?  Choose swimsuits that: 

  1. Enhance the bust
  2. Tone the shoulders 
  3. Downplay the hips








Do you know what your body type is? How do you choose your swimwear? Share with us! 

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