6 Reasons why you should try Long-sleeve swimsuits

Last year, in May 2020, to be more precise, I started my new online beachwear small business, BACH SISTERS. If you are reading this, that means you are reading my new website, so visit my site to see all the beautiful designs I picked from the best Brazilian designs.


From Travel to Swimwear!

Since I pivoted from the travel industry and was for the first time working with products instead of services, it was difficult to understand how the business would progress. I selected a bunch of styles, not only the ones I particularly liked and would wear myself but also others that I thought were very pretty. Some women would be interested in trying out! I am in the early stages, but things are picking up quite lovely!

Read More about my story and how Bach Sisters begun! 

One of those designs was the long – sleeve swimsuits. Because the swimsuits I include in the Bach Sisters collection are all made in Brazil, one would expect to find just tiny bikinis. Not only because that's what Brazilians wear, but also because in a country with such high temperatures, who would wear long sleeves to the beach? And, actually, that's very accurate. Brazilians don't wear this style; however, the best brands produce them for other places like Europe and the USA.

So for our first line, I selected a couple of long-sleeved suits to give them a try. I was pretty surprised to find these suits in the catalogues because I didn't know that Brazilian brands offered this type of swimwear. Brands are clever, and they understand trends and also that customers are all different.


Well, what happened?

Our long – sleeve suits were a best seller, and I quickly run out of these designs. Absolutely unexpected, and to my surprise, women were asking me for more colours, sizes and models.
So I used this moment to understand the reasons for this success. So I asked questions about what they would be using the suit for, why they liked them so much, and what they did and did not like about the long-sleeve swimsuits!

So here below, you will find the reasons my lovely customers shared with me about why you should definitely have long-sleeve swimsuits among your range of beachwear!


6 Reasons to say Yes to long-sleeved swimsuits!

Reason 1. They protect from the sun.

They offer the best coverage for the harmful New Zealand sun. If you spend long periods in direct sunlight surrounded by water that's reflecting sunlight and you're not adequately covered, you'll burn very quickly. You have no idea how badly I've burned myself in the past before I discovered long sleeve swimsuits.

Reason 2. They keep you warm. 

So they are ideal for colder weather like the one we find in all of New Zealand.

Reason 3. Perfect for water sports.

They are perfect for sports in the water, offering the most comfortable experience and the best coverage.
Suppose you enjoy snorkelling, kayaking, paddleboarding or even playing with the kids on the water. In that case, the long sleeve suits are a must-have.

Reason 4. Versatility.

Long sleeve suits can be worn with pants, jeans, skirts to create a beach or resort look while you are ready to jump into the water!

Reason 5. Long sleeve suits are super flattering.

They are like a "body" that hold all the bits together, and if you choose the suitable designs, you will look stunning.
They come in all colours and patterns, so there's something to suit everyone. Don't be scared to choose a colourful design with patterns, or even with no cups to hold up there…! Because the prints actually play in your favour offering an even better silhouette.

Reason 6. It's not one or the other; it is both!

Last Springtime, when the temperatures were still low in the North Island of New Zealand, I went for a mix of 2 types of suits! So I wore my usual one-piece swimsuit and, on top of that, my long sleeve swimsuit. So If I got hot, I simply took the long sleeve off. But then, during the afternoon, when it would be colder, I just put the bodysuit on again!


So THERE you go, 6 reasons why you should definitely include a long-sleeve swimsuit in your wardrobe this year – and why you don't have to wait for summer to do so!

In the past months, I have been creating a small line of long sleeve suits to bring to New Zealand for the following Spring 2021! This time I am offering them on a "pre-order" basis. This is a small and exclusive range of suits available for a specific time and until they sell! There will be no "repeated" designs; all are unique – just like you! This means that I will have a time frame where you will be able to get yours.

Have you used a long sleeve swimsuit before? Is it a yes or a no for you?

Leave me your comments; I love to receive your feedback.

Best wishes,

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